Cyberpunk Cityscape

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get your fullscreen background here:

big thanks to raphael lacoste and nicolas bouvier on gumroad!


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I finally got myself an Artstation account, catch me over there


Leviathan copy

Orbital tests

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Ok so i modified this brush i found in my library and just love this thing 😀
steps below. also, i need to practice spaceships… these were just random naval pics i took down at the docks, bashed together.

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  1. initial block-in. i reused a starfield i created a while ago, just some scattered dots with a little bit of color in them.
  2. i started with the moon and then went on to the planet below. just values for now.
  3. adding first colors via gradients and continuing to block in continents with overpaints. also introduced the spaceship, these are just some naval photos i took down at the docks. i put them through the app ‘mirrorlab’ producing some interessting surfaces. then i bashed them together in ps.
  4. more gradients and details.
  5. adding some color to the atmosphere.
  6. more details. also removed one gradient to tone it down a notch.
  7. final touches: smart sharpen, then added film grain& lens correction artifacts. put in a few crosses here and there to give the apollo flair.
  8. (realize that if you flip the whole thing it feels much more solid :P)

procrastination sketchdump

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dnb mixing

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so i recently got a small mixing controler for the ton of dnb on my hardrive…. ranging from liquid over sinister to honest jungle- i will be posting them here from time to time. here’s a little good morning mix for starters 🙂

another sneak peak

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martian sunset




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contest piece.


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