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throwing in something different.

commissioned piece, pencil on 250g/m2, A3



i put another hour into it after the recording stopped

some more concepts…

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pencil, gouache, and some digital touchups.




Graphic Novel (for real!)

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ok so it really is time for an update on this thing, its been more than a year since the last post.
much has happened, i went off the radar for quite some time after an accident- while it was nothing too serious (i’m still here) things really fall into perspective once you’ve got hit by a car…

sooo, i’m back to artschool. yes, i’m back, doing my masters degree in illustration. (yay!) first semester is almost finished, so by now i think its safe to say it in public:
i will actually be making my very own graphic novel! yes, no more talking about it, but actually realizing it..
i got 4 years ahead of me, 4 years that will change everything.. may sound like a long time now, but since it is my first big and long-term project, i will be needing it.
currently i’m still in the story drafting process while simultaneously doing research, reading old newspapers archived on microfilm. next to that i do initial concepts to get myself into the mood of the time. i won’t tell you the main theme yet, but can tell you it will have everything in it. war, peace, revolution, darkness and despair, life, death, soldiers, kids, cunning men, beautiful women-its going to be awesome!
so yes, i’m quite excited!
here is something for starters:

gaengeviertel Kopie


ppl_test 3

ppl_test 1

happy new year

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IMG_1559 remember this guy?

guess what. i bought new observing tools! one small and really cheap 400mm refractor-scope, which is really amazing considered the price range and optical imaging; and a rather cheap 1000mm reflector scope with a proper motorized mount.

the big one is ok considered the price range, but to be honest i bought the entire kit for the mototrized mount only.
so it turns out that the imaging quality of the small one is waaay better than the quaity of the big reflector. actually thats not suprising considered the price-range but i hoped for a slightly better quality. also, the luminosity of the small one is greater than the big one, which i have to say is a bit of a surpirse, because the diameters differ vastly. but once you do the math, it’s not surprising at all.

so, at the first chance i took those babies outside to take some photographs.
enjoy and a happy new year! 🙂


the milky way, the bright spot is jupiter, below that pleiades are visible

closeup on the pleiades

and the one and only orion nebula
(btw here you can see the difference between the two optics. the small area in the middle is actually the entire “screen” of the big one.)

back to the jungle^^

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not really finished or anything. but feels nice to try out some new brushtips and emulating something like a halfdry brush in ps.


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time to put something up again i guess- i was at the fusion festival few weeks ago, and not only it was  the best festival i ever attended, it was also one of the best experiences ever.. so many happy people, so much art, lights and good music, it is in every meaning of the word, epic

i brought a small sketchbook and wanted to fill it during that week- i didn’t manage that, but i did at least some drawings^^
they had a huge treehouse there located next to the trancefloor, and i spent almost an entire day there chilling and drawing, while everyone arround me was tripping to goa music… that was funny (in fact i found the exact mix online: http://soundcloud.com/supergroover/sets/fusion-2012/ check arround 42 mins for some really good stuff :>)
anyways here is the outcome, i had to stich them together, because of the leporello format.
after that i realised how fun it is to draw wood, so i did another one in the park at home.

more nudes

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from today.



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