A Walk in the Woods

I recently visited my parents at home. It has been long time since i’ve been there. I really looked forward to it, they live very rural and i was excited to take loong walks outside again, best thing to get your head free.

I grew up there, so didn’t know the real citylife until i moved out. And i must say it can really exhaust your life. But i didn’t really know how much i missed striding across plain fields until i was back there…

It’s eerie cast-over weather. It’s cold, below zero and no sun, but walking with backpack keeps you warm.

The smell of fire is in the air. It’s deadline for forstering the hedgerow. They used to be fold down, holding back the erosion of the fields and giving shelter to small animals. Nowadays they simply cut the young woods and make pellets of it for heating. Everything that is no use is teared together and burned right away.

After an hour in unknown terrain i discovered a frozen flood. the water was already almost gone, but the ice was still there. At some places it broke in, revealing the subsurface runoff. And somehow an old tumbril still stuck in the ice…

Except me, there are only rabbits, young deers and wild boars out here. I saw plenty of them that week. I also spotted a fox once, but was already running. Guess he had a nice meal that day…

I found those feathers near the place he was. Rather beautiful, right?


~ by Anselm Zielonka on 17/03/2011.

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