Fairies and stuff.

So my sister-friend called me yesterday, that she’ll be 30 tomorrow. And since I always wanted to paint something for her i figured this is a nice moment to get the ovrdue done 🙂

I’m not really into the fairy stuff, however she is and that’s the point^^ I never intended to go this far with it, actually it was supposed to be a rather quick marker sketch (it’s still sketchy now!). Anyways, when I scanned it up for refinement i thought i could add some depth here and there-plus bassdrive was running (get the 3.20.11 mix while it’s still up!) and suddenly I had past the point of no return, and without even knowing it two days had past…. Guess I overdid it in some areas. However i think she’ll like it, so I’m happy 🙂

I’m really looking forward for the print!

here are some wips:

and some closeups:

fav this on dA

or on SN


~ by Anselm Zielonka on 06/04/2011.

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