put this on your ears.

so, i visited my parents on easter, and we had beautiful clear dark nights, letting the stars shine so bright…..

i always wanted to try astro-photography, but not the normal long exposure, ending up with star-trails. in order to get rid of that effect, you must move the camera in the exact same speed and alignment as the earth rotates in space.

i discovered that there are special computer- and motorrized mounts, doing everything for you. those cost about 1500$…. then i learned about the so called barndoor-mount which follows the same principle, but cost about 15$ or so. i gathered some parts i would need, but then i remembered the old telescope-mount i had. it isn’t the best telescope, it is big yes, but the optics are very cheap. so i used the mount only, putting the camera on it, which looks like this:

that looked awesome, so i thought nothing could go wrong now^^ i went outside,  roughly aligned the axis to north, triggered the shutter and started to rotate the wheel. this came out:

what a disappointment. not only trails, no, apparently i rotated too fast in the wrong direction, and the rough alignement to the north amplified the error. too bad.

so i studied the mount further, figuring i needed fix-points of which i could orientate from. i did some calibrations on the mount, went outside again and aimed towards polaris very carefully.  and this time it paid off… after a few shots looking for the exact rotation-speed, i did the following pictures.

you can spot the milkyway, the red line was a plane.

these were taken by hand, and was merely luck i hit the right rotation-speed. so the next goal will be motorizing the mount myself, to get better results.

then however, i guess i could get even better results after some practice…;)


~ by Anselm Zielonka on 26/04/2011.

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