burning karma

and expanding consciousness


~ by Anselm Zielonka on 15/07/2011.

2 Responses to “burning karma”

  1. hey glad pontypool scared you.(I wrote it.) i love your work.

    • uh wow, thanks a lot! 🙂
      yes, i really liked the movie; how it creates this subconscious tension by mainly using the audible level and beeing basically a radio-show which never leaves the set. very claustrophobic.. also (and much more important) i loved the tackle on the “word-virus”, as i recently also delved into the area of speaking(repeating) words vs. actually understanding words. the process of understanding, when the mind is penetrating the meaning of the spoken… truly a viral moment..
      and of course the constant repeating of phrases in the media, ‘reprogramming’ the recipients, turning them into zombies… very nice twist;)
      as i said i liked it 🙂
      i haven’t read the book yet, but are you satisfied with the film adaption?

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