time to put something up again i guess- i was at the fusion festival few weeks ago, and not only it was  the best festival i ever attended, it was also one of the best experiences ever.. so many happy people, so much art, lights and good music, it is in every meaning of the word, epic

i brought a small sketchbook and wanted to fill it during that week- i didn’t manage that, but i did at least some drawings^^
they had a huge treehouse there located next to the trancefloor, and i spent almost an entire day there chilling and drawing, while everyone arround me was tripping to goa music… that was funny (in fact i found the exact mix online: check arround 42 mins for some really good stuff :>)
anyways here is the outcome, i had to stich them together, because of the leporello format.
after that i realised how fun it is to draw wood, so i did another one in the park at home.


~ by Anselm Zielonka on 31/07/2012.

2 Responses to “treees”

  1. schon krass wie du die proportionen über mehrere seiten beibehälst. ein gutes auge^^

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