Graphic Novel (for real!)

ok so it really is time for an update on this thing, its been more than a year since the last post.
much has happened, i went off the radar for quite some time after an accident- while it was nothing too serious (i’m still here) things really fall into perspective once you’ve got hit by a car…

sooo, i’m back to artschool. yes, i’m back, doing my masters degree in illustration. (yay!) first semester is almost finished, so by now i think its safe to say it in public:
i will actually be making my very own graphic novel! yes, no more talking about it, but actually realizing it..
i got 4 years ahead of me, 4 years that will change everything.. may sound like a long time now, but since it is my first big and long-term project, i will be needing it.
currently i’m still in the story drafting process while simultaneously doing research, reading old newspapers archived on microfilm. next to that i do initial concepts to get myself into the mood of the time. i won’t tell you the main theme yet, but can tell you it will have everything in it. war, peace, revolution, darkness and despair, life, death, soldiers, kids, cunning men, beautiful women-its going to be awesome!
so yes, i’m quite excited!
here is something for starters:

gaengeviertel Kopie


ppl_test 3

ppl_test 1


~ by Anselm Zielonka on 09/02/2014.

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