Due Update

Hello everyone!

I thought it’s time for a little status update.

I’m still enrolled in my art school- although i even give a class by now. Last semester for real this time however. My thesis has changed, the graphic novel was just too big of a theme for one person alone. So following my unchanged love for Science Fiction; i’ll be doing a cover series for Sci-Fi short stories from the Brothers Strugazki.

You know, the two who wrote among others ‘Roadside Picnic’, which served as a base for Tarkowsky’s cinematic masterpiece “Stalker”. They are often mentioned in the same breath with Stanislav Lem, author of ‘Solaris’, and are regarded as the most significant authors of soviet speculative fiction.

I like their stories, not only how they plant pictures directly into my head, but the general theme which goes on in their works. Just like Lem they suggest how the human mind would just be too limited in order to grasp certain connections, long term repercussions and of course: perceive off-world-intelligence as such.

To me it is real ‘science’-fiction, since it is mostly researchers who have philosophical thoughts (or the lack thereof) about their work. And after all the reboiling of already successfull sci-fi movies happening right now (Star Wars/Spider Man and even Blade Runner etc pp) it is surprisingly refreshing even if the stories are written in the 1960s; laying the groundworks for movies like The Martian, Interstellar and even trash like Avatar (Pandora is actually described and mentioned in detail…).

So I highly recommend their reading, as well as Lems.

Definitely Gems of the Genre.

so far so good, i’ll post pics later. I also work as Concept Artist for an indie-developer atm, but i can only post that stuff when the nda clears 😉


~ by Anselm Zielonka on 16/05/2017.

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